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Blog Idea: 5 Ways to Find Great Deals on Used Cars

 5 Ways to Find Great Deals on Used CarsJuly 16, 2018,The changes may not be obvious at first glance, the venerable Mercedes Benz G Class has received its biggest update since it was first launched in 1979.The Mercedes G Class, the three-decade old off-roading icon has come up with new features and characters thanks to Mercedes-Benz World. Available in right-hand drive and with a choice of one diesel or one petrol engine, the all-new G Wagen is offered with rugged, boxy, five-seat hand-built 4x4s on the driveway.This revival has brought about a couple of special edition run outs including the rugged G 500 4×4 squared and the 6-wheeler giant G.

Jonh DoeAccording to Mercedes Benz experts, The G-Class, the luxury off-road vehicle from Mercedes-Benz, has long been deemed a design icon. However, Mercedes has not significantly facelifted the G since 1979. Iconic elements continue to add essence to its distinctive appearance. The new G-Class comes equipped with a unique door handle and the characteristic closing sound, the robust exterior protective strip, the characteristic closing sound, the exposed spare wheel on the rear door, and the prominent indicator lights. All such distinctive features seem to add essence to its special look.

The unique design of the G-Class sums up the sensual purity and at the same time remains true to the character of the original. As a result, the door hinges located on the outside and the surface-mounted bonnet are taken to newer heights.

5 Ways to Find Great Deals on Used Cars

Best Time to Buy a Car.Check the Car’s History.Don’t Bring Up Your Trade-in.Tell the Dealership You’re Shopping Around.Take Your Time.

With its sublime character and high-quality elements, the G-Class has always managed to combine off-road character and luxury in a particularly harmonious way. Even in its standard specification, the G-Class’s timeless and authentic open-pore wood gives it an air of classic elegance. Its stylish elements include the decent use of high-quality metal or carbon fiber trim, and its leather seats.Equipped with a 5.5 liter V8 AMG model, the G-Class delivers supreme driving experience at an impressive 416 hp and cranks out 450 lb-ft of torque at 2000 rpm. More so, the new G-Class features Benz’s nine-speed automatic transmission. In spite of being available in other models, the torque converter and the transmission software have been specially modified for G-duty.To keep the vehicle in good shape, be sure to take it to the nearby Mercedes Benz repair Greensboro Free Web auto shop.


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